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Life Planning

Create a fuller life and a lasting legacy.

At Ascent, our trusted guides can help you see a more fulfilling path than simply work, retire, and write your will. The steps you take now can open up a richer journey focused on your passion, your values, and your legacy. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals don’t just look at the whole of your investments—we look at the whole of your life. That’s true life planning.

Your financial plan is the foundation. Your life plan is the purpose.

Holistic life planning takes all of the pieces into account.

We’ll help you create a more well-rounded life plan that considers these areas:

Retirement Preparation
Comprehensive Financial Planning
Asset Allocation
Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Education Planning
Small Business Transition Planning.

It’s never too early to plan a life.

If you haven’t started planning, there’s no time like the present. If you have a plan, it’s worth revisiting to ensure your plan truly reflects your life. A review is especially important if you’ve recently welcomed a new addition to the family, changed careers, moved, experienced a financial loss, or the loss of a spouse. We’ll work with you to craft a financial plan that’s in step with your life plan, so every step is a step forward.

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