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Legacy Planning

Will your legacy survive?

How you plan and prepare others affects the impact of your wealth for years to come.

If you intend to distribute your wealth to family members (or a charitable organization), there’s logistics to consider.  An experienced advisor can tailor your financial plan to support your goals and help you put legal structures in place to transition your assets with an eye towards tax-efficiency. 

With either a will or trust-based estate plan in place, you have clearly prepared. But the recipients of your wealth are likely not so prepared. Legacy planning helps ready families and organizations so they can make the most of your legacy.

Legacy planning for families.

You want your family to prosper for generations to come. Preparing them now will help them later.

Research has shown that most inheritances run dry by the third generation. Why? Many families are simply unprepared to manage complex investments or other assets. They may lack investment knowledge or professional guidance. Communication is also a factor. Some families are geographically scattered, rarely interact, or may experience conflict. Without expert guidance, clear communication and a clearly-defined mission, families are likely to struggle —and your legacy may not fulfill its potential.

Successful long-term wealth preservation requires a three-pronged approach. First, prepare yourself by developing a financial plan and an estate plan. Then prepare your family through legacy planning. This process ensures your family has the information, tools and resources to manage your wealth with confidence and competence. Legacy planning also helps your family craft a vision for how your legacy can serve generations to come.

At Ascent, we can help facilitate legacy planning through family engagement, financial planning, long-term portfolio management, and family governance.

Trust your family with Ascent.

Legacy planning for charities.

Want to make a difference in the world? You can build your legacy by supporting the important work of worthy charitable organizations. Legacy planning can support your giving and maximize your impact by leaning into tax-efficient strategies such as donor-advised funds—one of the easiest and most tax-advantageous options for charitable giving.

A donor-advised fund is like an investment account. It’s used specifically to support your favorite charities. You can contribute cash, securities, real estate or other assets to a donor-advised fund and (in most cases) take an immediate tax deduction. Funds are invested for tax-free growth, which maximizes your impact. You can grant funds at any time to any IRS-qualified public charity, so your giving can align with your goals.

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