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A trusted guide should be all these things. That’s why Ascent has been a trusted financial guide since 2001. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals meet rigorous standards of education and experience. As fiduciaries, we are duty-bound to act solely in your interest. We are proud to be a boutique independent firm with the freedom to pick and choose from the full range of investment products on the market. We are also highly transparent and work on a fee only basis.

A good guide also understands where you want to go. We offer personal, holistic financial planning to help you reach the pinnacle of your life.  Take the first step with us, and get ready to enjoy the view.

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We are fiduciaries, the most trusted kind of financial guide. We are ethically-bound to serve you with transparency and integrity. We are fully committed to your journey, your fulfilment, and your peace of mind. And we’re ready to walk the extra mile for you.

We take time to understand your aspirations.

At Ascent, we make it our mission to truly understand our clients and forge personal relationships. We dig deep into your aspirations, your current financial strategies, and your tolerance for risk. We discuss your values and the impact you want to have on the world. We explore how you can align your financial planning to support the things and people you care about. We set you on the right path and help you reach a greater height of life satisfaction.

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